Products / Equipment. We will- produce the equipment, take care of all set materials and subcontracting. Depending on the client’s needs and the type of product we can produce various types of conveyors, containers, metal structures, non-standard equipment.

According to the type of product and intended use we can produce various types of transporters, such as:

  • Belt, these are the most popular transporters which can be equipped with modular tape, PVC tape, or tape with paddles.
  • Roller, which can be powered by a gear or a free roll. Roller conveyors are chosen depending on the size and weight of the transported products.
  • Chain transporters.

We produce multi-purpose containers and containers with a rising belt conveyor.

Non-standard equipment. The dumping machines, lifting machines or other equipment, which will facilitate and help you to work faster.

Various metal constructions. Metal fittings or constructions of stainless steel or aluminum are the other products that we manufacture it. Stages, stairs, platforms, service sites, etc.

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